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Thank you for your willingness and open heart to support GIDCCO's efforts. You may not have it in your budget to sponsor a child monthly, although a one-time gift will still make an impact in our community. Below we've outlined a few options which have worked well for us in the past.

Send a MoneyGram

MoneyGram has been providing trusted payment and financial services since 1940. They have been a safe, fast way for GIDCCO receive money worldwide. Fees are around 50% less then Western Union, which makes them the economical choice for most. MoneyGram has more than 150,000 locations in 180 countries and territories, allowing them to economically and efficiently move money around the world, or close to home. Please send an email to us for MoneyGram instructions.

Bank Account Transfer

We have a Bank Account (4719000002) with Backlays Bank for any Donations to Guardian Integrated Development Child Care Organization. If you experience any problems in wiring, Please send us an email for more details regarding Bank Transfers.


We're in the process of setting up a system to transfer paypal. Currently PayPal does not allow withdrawl into a Ugandan bank. Please send an email to us and we'll be sure to notify you when PayPal donation system is ready.

International Money Order

Please send us an email for more details regarding International Money Orders.

Western Union

Funds can be wired to us using Western Union. It's fast and easy. MoneyGram typically is a more economical system to use, although we'll gladly accept Western Union. Please send us an email for more details.


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The Guardian Integrated Development and Child Care Organization is an indigenous Non –Government Read More...


Gidcco is lead by the Board of Directors , an Executive Committee and a National Secretariat headed by the Executive director.

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