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"We welcome you to GIDCCO ministry and pray that this is just the beginning of a relationship that will help you know about us".

We Need Your Help.

Every three seconds poverty kills a child. Every three seconds! I know it sounds so unbelievable. Sadly, it's very true. There are reports that this statistic is improving, but the numbers are still very high. The battle against poverty is a long way off.

Churches are just beginning to take their role in caring for the children devastated by poverty, injustice and oppression, and many are not sure what to do or how to make a difference.

GIDCCO is dedicated to being an advocate for children living in horrific conditions. Our prayers are that you would come along side of GIDCCO, to be a voice to those around you about God's heart for the millions of children who are living in poverty.

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Gidcco is lead by the Board of Directors , an Executive Committee and a National Secretariat headed by the Executive director.

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