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Gidcco Has been In operation since 2003 and Members values the importance of uplifting the welfare of needy children, by giving them their rights as enshrined in the UN declaration of children’s rights and in the constitution of Uganda. Gidcco being a pro-life Christians organization , will uphold sanctity  of human life by meeting the spiritual , physical and emotional needs of children, guardians and youth and rights such as education , healthy , social welfare and freedom of association will be promoted in the wider society (Mark 10:13-14)


To empower needy and disadvantaged children to be self reliant and useful future decision maker and members of the nation.


  1. Evangelism   
  2. To increase income earning capacity of guardians and uplift their standard of living .
  3. To provide support to disadvantaged/Vulnerable children .
  4. To enhance participation of the country in reproductive health, AIDS care , water and environment , sanitation and nutrition programs.
  5. To implement development project with reliance on the speed of the community  of the community work, voluntarism by members and to promote practices.
  6. To educate and sensitize people on poverty  alleviation and development , family property , women and children rights, education , cultural changes , nutrition , health care and environment.
  7. To promote, determinate, distribute local and international information in form of advisory pamphlets and other literature , for the use of guardians and interested person.

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The Genesis

The Guardian Integrated Development and Child Care Organization is an indigenous Non –Government Read More...


Gidcco is lead by the Board of Directors , an Executive Committee and a National Secretariat headed by the Executive director.

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