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Gidcco prides itself on its honesty and integrity and is fully recognized by the Non-governmental organization's Board of the ministry of internal affairs of the Republic of Uganda. We'll be happy to send you a copy of our annual report or even send you contact details of people from other countries who have volunteered with us and sponsored children.

Only $25.00 a Month Makes a Huge Impact in a Child's Life.

We've found ways to keep costs down without cutting into the care you help provide your child. Gidcco looks for ways to keep costs down without sacrificing the care each child receives. Whenever possible, we provide sponsorship to large numbers of orphaned children concentrated in the same area. This helps us more quickly and effectively distribute benefits, administer care and keep children informed about programs and services. We use trained volunteers to help us carry out program activities -- many of whom are the guardians of sponsored children. We purchase items for the children such as food, clothing and school supplies in bulk quantities in the areas where we work -- to save money and help the local economies.

"When a child finds out they've been sponsored, the joy they feel is indescribable. Just knowing that someone across the globe cares means more than you can imagine. Sponsoring a child will profoundly change the future for your child — and will change your own life in the process"

Child sponsorship establishes a relationship between individual donors and sponsored children. Sponsors provide a monthly gift, which is used to help provide benefits for their sponsored children. Gidcco has chosen sponsorship as our means for helping needy , orphaned children and Street kids because we've found that pairing one child with one sponsor is the most effective way to receive consistent gifts from our donors...and therefore provide stable, ongoing benefits and services to the orphaned children.

Funds are used as follows:

  • Medical care and nutritional support: Gidcco provides access to medical care for every sponsored child, provides follow-up care and medication to sick and injured children
  • Educational assistance: We provide textbooks and school supplies for sponsored children.
  • Clothing: Every child in the sponsorship program receives a number of new clothing items every year, ranging from shirts, pants, shoes, socks, skirts and school uniforms to underwear.
  • Material aid: Sponsored children receive assistance with practical necessities such as bedding, dishes, eating utensils, cleaning supplies.

Require More Information?

Detailed Information about Sponsoring a Child can be found in the Questions and Answers section. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.

Ready to Sponsor?

Great! You're about to make a big difference in a child's life! Start by viewing the childrens photos below, and when a child speaks to your heart, then click that child to request more infomation on them and that will send us an email. We'll reply within 24 hours and send you detailed information on that child. We are reserving the spots below for children desperately in need of your help today.

Children Who Need Your Help

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Gidcco is lead by the Board of Directors , an Executive Committee and a National Secretariat headed by the Executive director.

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